Monday, March 23, 2009

How To Regrow Hair With Biotin

Vitamin B7 is a B-complex vitamin also known as Biotin. Hair growth is predicated on the body getting the proper nutrition to allow the conversion of protein into hair shafts. Biotin helps with this functioning. Biotin is necessary for cell growth, the metabolism of fats and amino acids and the production of fatty acids. Biotin is also useful for the regulation of blood sugar which is very important to some one suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

Biotin is often recommended as a treatment for growth of nails and hair. Many hair regrowth products contain Biotin but the majority are in the form of cremes and lotions. It seems doubtful that biotin in this form would be beneficial as the nutrient is not absorbed readily through the skin. The symptoms of Biotin deficiency include loss of hair and in rare cases loss of eye brows and eye lashes although this is very rare and is only exhibited in patients with very low level of the vitamin.

Biotin for hair growth is found in a variety of foods but usually in low concentrations. It is estimated that the average adult American receives about 40 ug per day in their diet. Requirements generally fall with in this range with teenagers needing 25 ug and adults, both male and female, needing 30 ug. Biotin is often touted as an answer to how to make your hair grow faster but it probably is not a major factor in hair loss considering that most American receive the required amounts in their diet. There is some disagreement about this though as there have not been good levels of allowances set. The old Recommended Dietary Allowance of Biotin was 300 ug per day. Although most believe that 30 ug per day is adequate it may be that a higher dose would help in regrowing hair. Studies have not been done to conclude this.

If low levels of biotin are experienced there are only two foods with levels of the vitamin that would allow biotin hair growth. The first is royal jelly which is a byproduct of honey bee manufacturing. The royal jelly is made from the pollen which is removed from the legs of the bees upon entering the hive. The second food is brewers yeast which as the name implies is a yeast product. Brewers yeast is high in many nutrients and is often a part of any health food regime.

Symptoms of Biotin deficiency include dermatitis, decreased appetite, achromotrichia (loss of pigment in hair), and alopecia (hair loss). If not treated it can result in extreme rashes, seizures, and coma. This desease can be fatal if not treated however it can be alleviated with doses of Biotin.

The jury is still out on whether or not biotin supplements are good hair growing vitamins. Higher doses of biotin may make your hair grow faster but clinical studies have not proven this. If you are taking a multi-vitamin with the hope of regrowing your hair be sure it includes biotin hair growth.

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